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  Is your  spiritual life in need of refreshment?     Would your church or group benefit from a creative approach to reading Scripture and praying?  Do you need to give some time to reflect  on your spiritual journey? Or explore different ways to experience your Christian faith?   Do you want to learn how to stay strong in difficult circumstances?   Over time our inner lives can become clogged with old habits, making us spiritually lazy and bored.     Sometimes we need an M.O.T. for our souls……….

These workshops offer help and inspiration to refresh and encourage your inner life.

 What to expect from my workshops:

· Fresh insights and ideas.             · Creative approaches to the inner life of the spirit.          · Suitable for mainstream churches or groups but also designed for groups and individuals with no denominational or church ties.         · Tried and tested approaches to the spiritual journey.

· I try to tailor-make my workshops to the  needs of each group

COSTS at May 2016 are: My costs at the present time are:

Travel expenses where necessary +    £100 full day (6hours);     £50 for ½ day (3 hours) or    £40 for a 2 hour session: 

These costs include all materials and any handouts as well as all the preparation time needed for your workshop.

 **Please note that ‘Gifts for the Journey’ is priced at £30 per person per day or negotiable for shorter sessions. Scrapbooks can be purchased separately

Soul Workout   - gets your spiritual muscles rippling while leaving you physically relaxed

· By using the metaphor of a gym workout from my book (picture, left) we give attention to our relationship  with God and others and on other issues pertinent to our faith lives.   Suitable for groups wishing to experience or develop contemplative reflection as a way of praying and deepening the inner journey. Scripture, imaginative prayer journaling, creative writing, art and nature may all be used as vehicles to 'exercise' our spiritual muscles.   

· Flexible as a full or half day workshop or occasionally as a short course.

Art for God's Sake 

Using art images can help to focus prayer or contemplation.                                                                                                                    

      o Learn to use visual images more effectively in prayer

      o Be inspired by the symbolism of art through past and present centuries

      o Use photographs of the natural world to come into the stillness of reflective prayer

      o Open yourself up to the inward movement of the Holy Spirit

      o Move from art history to My-story by reflecting on what is meaningful or symbolic in your own life at this time.

o Express this symbolism creatively

o No previous experience or knowledge of art needed: come with an openness to explore Christian spirituality in a creative way.

o  Time given for individual reflection and group sharing

o Can be run as a full day or adjusted to your requirements.

Art & Soul

a generic name for a variety of reflective workshops to explore Christian spirituality in a creative and innovative way.

Examples of past themes:

Ø        Walking the Edge: poems, prayers, readings and reflections for when life is tough

Ø         From Desert to Oasis: meditating imaginatively on the ups and downs of our faith

Ø          Pushing the Boundaries:  exploring through symbolism the realities of life transitions using Celtic Christianity as a base  

Ø            A place to Rest: prayer corners; a place to read; art table (including easy prayer projects); and more?

Ø           Reflections in a Mirror: How do we see ourselves as Children of God? How do we reflect Jesus to those around us?

 Usually run in 2 hour meetings, Art & Soul is tailor-made to each group - themes and programmes to be negotiated through discussion. 


Praying Easter through Art: Easter is full of visual symbolism for Christians – bread & wine, the cross & the empty tomb. This Lent Quiet Day takes us from The Last Supper to The Resurrection through the eyes of artists through the ages. Poetry, Bible readings and prayers will add a rich reservoir of resource for personal meditation. Can be run as a full day or a Lent series.


Gifts fo the Journey: - from poems to prayers, people to places, record your personal ‘gifts from God’ in Scrapbook style.

v Reflect and record who has influenced you in life and moments when God felt very close            v Record memorable Bible verses, poems or words of wisdom that     

help you in low times   v Keep pictures, photos and other loose papers tidy and accessible   v Scrapbooking accessories provided as well as help and ideas to make it attractive and personal: scrapbooks can be purchased by arrangement or bought separately.

 Can be run as a full day or several shorter sessions, by arrangement.   Run in conjunction with ‘Crafty Chez’ crafts who will provide all scrapbooking materials and guidance. Crafty Chez workshops and products

Want to discuss possibilities for a workshop or an event for your church but unsure what you need? Get in touch with Janice and we will work with you to put a package together.