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 Playing Creatively at MY TIME

Remember the time when you got out your crayons or paint and spent the afternoon oblivious to what was going on around you? Remember the days of cutting and sticking and making things just because you wanted to?


The chances are that your memories are taking you back to your childhood. As a child it was acceptable to play - it was often encouraged - and you could let the hours go by in happy,  unconcerned activity. There was often no masterpiece at the end (though sometimes the results may have been applauded and praised), but it had provided hours of creative enjoyment. You may not have noticed, as a child, that playing had put you in a good mood or that you felt relaxed and ready to knuckle down to 'work' - but it is likely that it was like that.   

Unfortunately, we adults all too often consign 'play' to these realms of memory: play is what children do, not grown-ups! We have responsibilities and work. People may depend on us. We have no time to spend on ourselves.
The result of this thinking can often be 'burn-out', irritability and low self-esteem.

Playing is therapeutic, even for adults. Creative play at 'MY TIME' enables us to relax with art and craft materials and to while away a few Saturday afternoons in the pursuit of rest and refreshment. 

What you come out with may be admired by family and friends and some may end up in the bin. But that's OK,  because it isn't the end product that is the main concern but the activity itself.  

People who come to 'MY TIME' usually go away feeling refreshed and relaxed - ready to go back to responsibilities and work. As the end of the afternoon approaches the cry often goes up 'it can't be that time already'.

It's absorbing. It's relaxed. We enjoy ourselves. 

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